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About Force2Play
« on: April 19, 2014, 09:55:50 PM »
Force2Play is a one-man company created by Gonzalo Pareja Bolaños.

His passion for RPGs made ​​in 2008 to create his first online browser game. In 2009 was released the first version of Kiwarriors (a very simple game), which was heavily improved subsequent years until, in February 2012, Kiwarriors v6.0 was released, becoming one of the most popular browser games of the moment, achieving in just one year more than 300k registered players, and over 50k Facebook fans.

In 2013 Gonzalo created Heroes of the Force, and in 2014, along with the release of Force2Play, Gonzalo released his third browser game, Battle for Azeroth, and an improved version of Kiwarriors (v7.0).

Gonzalo's games currently have over 600k registered players and over 80k facebook fans, and are translated to english and spanish.

You can follow Gonzalo on

For professional contacts: Gonzalo's LinkedIn